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Designing Spaces.  Transforming Lives.

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The Completed Build Program™

This is our advanced program created to transform your living and work spaces into what you always hoped for sooner, with fewer surprises and better results.

We created The Completed Build Program™ based on our experience working with hundreds of clients.


We’ve learned that some do not have a clear vision for their homes or work spaces. They are uncertain where to start or have the expertise and process to turn their living or work areas into what they hoped and dreamed of.  As a result many fall into what we call The Project Uncertainty Trap™ that holds them back from experiencing the most from their homes and work spaces. 

Delayed Development Trap.png

We also learned that to escape this trap you need 3 things:

  1. A clear vision for what you hope to experience from your living or work spaces,

  2. The knowledge and expertise to transform your vision into a successful build, and

  3. A proven process and plan to ensure that everything that needs to happen does happen.


Having these, results in completed builds sooner, with fewer surprises, and better outcomes.

Completed Build.png

To help you realize your vision for your living or work spaces, we have two choices for you: basic and advanced.


For the basic, we provide design and renovating services. You can get the basic from many other designers. However, our advanced approach – The Completed Build Program™ – takes everything to a higher level and is only available from us.

We realize this program is not for everyone. It’s for those who desire excellence and recognize the value from working with professionals. If this sounds like you, you might be a great candidate for this program.

We invite you to take Step 1: The Vision Conversation Step, which we offer at no cost. There is no obligation to continue with the program.

During this step we help you describe your vision, understand what obstacles are in the way, and the opportunities you have to finally complete your build and enjoy the results.

We then decide together if this program is right for you.  Take the first step today:

Step 1: The Vision Conversation Step (FREE)
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