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  • Tracy Laqua

How COVID-19 is changing homes

With more people working at home it is important to have spaces that meet the needs of home schooling, remote work, and family life; all at the same time.

Example of Flex Spaces

These spaces are areas in the home that can quickly and easily be transformed to suit multiple functions where a guest room could be an office by day but turn into a yoga studio and arts and crafts centre by night. 

This versatility can be achieved through furniture like a Murphy bed or in smaller spaces, that might mean having counter space or desks that can easily be set up and then stowed away. 

While this flexibility can be done in homes with open-concept floor plans, if everyone is on the same floor and doing different activities, it might not be ideal which may require the creation of separate spaces. Instead of an open-concept home owners may start to reconfigure their homes to provide temporary closed spaces.

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