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  • Tracy Laqua

Are You Presenting Yourself In The Best Light?

Virtual Meetings:

How many times in the past few weeks have we been on Zoom calls (business or personal) and you can’t see the person’s face either because of the glare from too much light or they’re merely a silhouette because there’s not enough light?

Or maybe you’re spending the entire meeting with someone looking up your nose.

Lighting and positioning of your monitor is Everything!

Last week a past client contacted me requesting new window treatments to ‘fix’ the glare when on video calls.  Easy solution – new window treatments which I very easily could have agreed with while putting a few extra dollars in my pocket.  Just because it’s the easy answer doesn’t mean it’s always the best answer or the ‘right’ answer for my client.

If you are spending a lot of time on Zoom calls and want to look your best check your lighting first.  If you find yourself either too light or too dark on video calls, here are a few tips, and possible solutions, to help present yourself in the best possible ‘light’ (ha, ha – pun intended!)

Tip: Lighting should always be in front of you (but not too close to your face).  NEVER behind you.  When there is a glare from a window it becomes very difficult for people to see your face. Consider covering the window with something dark enough to prevent the light from filtering through.  The size and location of the window will determine what you can use – easily, cost effectively and temporarily.  Chances are you already have something in the house you just need to think outside of the obvious.  It might be a drapery panel, a piece of foam board, a piece of artwork or if the glare is bouncing off a lightly coloured wall consider changing the colour to something darker that will soak up the light.  It might be as simple as repositioning the monitor on your desk or changing the location of your desk.  And if you and your laptop are copping a squat on a sofa or chair – well, that’s a blog for another day.

While I don’t profess to be a lighting expert, I’m happy to answer questions.

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